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Dilarang Dalam Islam ..!!! Jangan Lakukan 6 Hal Berikut Saat Berhubung4n Int1m Dengan Suami atau Istrimu..


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In kem4lu4nmu that is charity. "Companions asked," O Messenger of God, are we rewarded with our wives mengg4uli ?.

"He replied," Is not it when you pass on the street illegal n4fsu would sin? So likewise, when channeled in a lawful way, you will be rewarding. "(HR. Bukhari, Abu Dawud and Ibn Khuzaimah)

Friend, Islam teaches us all things in great detail, including about hubung4n int1m in the household. There are some things that are not allowed related to body hubung4n between husband and wife, unfortunately ... the ordinary people who do not know it, it could be because it is considered taboo, or because it is not interested in finding out.

What are the restrictions in berhubung4n int1m, as described in the paragraph and the hadith?

Consider his speech as follows:

1. Prohibited berhubung4n sex without a prayer

"Bismillah. Allahumma jannabnasyoithona wa jannabisyaithona maa rojaktanaa "

Meaning: In the name of Allah. Ya Allah, safeguard us from Satan and keep what you rizkikan us from Satan

Prophet. said: If any one of them will mengg4uli his wife, let him read:

"Bismillah. O Allah, keep us from Satan and keep away the demons of what you gave us ". Because if they are both destined hubung4n on the bear children, so the devil will not harm the child forever. (Saheeh Muslim, No. 2591)

2. It is prohibited without preliminary berhubung4n int1m

Islam teaches jima accompanied by a preliminary expression of feelings of affection like a romantic greeting, and c * MBU cium4n r4yu and does not teach the body without berhubung4n

This is in accordance with the word of the Apostle of Allah said:
"Who is among you, not equaling his wife like an animal intercourse, but must precede it with the hand. After that, no one asked: What bridge?
Messenger of Allah said, "and some speech that is cium4n romantic". (HR. Bukhariy and Muslim).
3. Prohibited berhubung4n int1m without cover / blanket
From 'My son Atabah As-Sulami that if you came to his wife (berjim4'), so should use the cover as well as two pieces tel4njang not himar. (Reported by Ibn Majah)
The point is do not bertel4njang like animal that looks kemalu4nnya when berjima. but wear a blanket as a cover, or bertel4njang in blankets.
4. Prohibited berhubung4n intimate through dub * r / 4nus
From Abu Hurayrah may Allaah be pleased. Shallallahu'alaihi if the Prophet of Allah said, "Forsaken who fuck women dub * paint a mixed picture". (Reported by Ahmad, Abu Daud and An-Nasai)
Of course, because dub * r / 4nus namely sewage, harmful to health when berhubung4n conjugal through.
5. Prohibited berhubung4n int1m time h4id wife

"They ask you about h4idh. Say: "H4idh it is kotor4n". Therefore shall you keep away from women during h4idh; and do not approach them until they are clean. If they have cleansed themselves, then their place Allah has commanded you. Surely Allah loves those who repent and loves those who purify themselves. "(QS. Al-Baqarah / 2: 222)
6. Prohibited bring the matter hubung4n int1m

"Indeed, among the ugliest man in his position in terms of Allaah on the Day of Resurrection is a man who menyetub * hi kepu4san his wife and his wife gave him, then spread her secret. "(Narrated by Imam Muslim (2597) and Abu Dawood (4227).
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